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Has fashion changed us or have we changed fashion?”

My thoughts

IN my opinion I think that, yes every one changes fashion (e.g. the style of clothes they wear, how they cut their hair) but not every one can influence or change the trends in fashion. Most times we are forced into accepting these trends, most especially if you are a fashionista and enjoy staying modern, but nevertheless fashion has the power to change us as well.

Our perception of what is modest or risqué for the general public has been altered over time, but I also like to think that our individualism determines how much fashion can change or influence us as people.


So I think the fashion designers are changing fashion and it’s in turn changing us the consumers
Almost like we are being forced to to accept these new trends.
If you don’t you will seem or be seen as an uncivilised fellow or something like that


The truth is fashion hast changed us neither did we change fashion, but instead we’ve upgraded fashion whereby making it easier to have access


We have changed fashion, people don’t dress to cover nakedness again but just simply to kill. Especially the girls the way they dress is something else.


We have changed fashion and its pay back has changed us. We changed fashion and it changed us.

_Iyanda_ _Hephzibah_ _Igbagbolere_

Fashion itself is a reflection of social, economic, political and cultural changes. It’s important to some people to wear only the lastest fashions and styles and keeping up is certainly something you have to do if fashion is important to you. With this I’ll say “Fashion has changed us”


IN God’s standards the essence of fashion is to cover our nakedness, for beautification and modesty but it’s a pity that those who influence fashion trends have forgotten these three basics for fashion originally given to us by God to guide us and this has in turn changed us, thereby causing us to lose our dignity of fashion.


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