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Welcome to the official inauguration of ‘Micah’s Thoughts’–a forum where sensitive and controversial questions touching on various aspects of life are shared with the public for intelligent responses and thoughtful contributions.

This week, we will be showcasing the Fourth episode of ‘Micah’s Thoughts’, with the question: “Has Fashion changed us or have we changed Fashion”?


‘Fashion can be defined as ‘a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, make up, and hairstyle’. It has a distinctive and constant influence over the style in which a person dresses.

Over time, our fashion sense has changed across the world. Trends in fashion are significantly different than they were in the past; often stretching past the limits of what used to be considered acceptable.

In short, tremendous changes to clothing styles have been made since the 18th century.

Now, have our minds become more open and radical, thereby causing changes in fashion, or have the concepts of fashion being promoted by fashion designers affected our tendencies to accept change?

This begs the question: ” Has fashion changed us or have we changed fashion”?

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Written by
Micah Vieloze

Edited by
Immanuel Diai
Tanya Richens

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